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Water Proofing


TUFF-N-DRI has been controlling basement moisture since 1983 - a track record unmatched by any other new residential construction waterproofing product.


  • TUFF-N-DRI® H8 now delivers up to 8x more hydrostatic head resistance than other polymer-modified asphalt emulsions.

  • TUFF-N-DRI Basement Waterproofing System is a key step toward protecting a home's value, improving energy efficiency and providing a luxury basement space.

  • Special two-part system combines seamless waterproofing membrane with quality foundation board.

  • Backed by a 30-year transferable performance warranty for a Guaranteed Dry Basement.

TUFF-N-DRY Borcher 

Delta Dimple Board

Protecting your foundations from water and moisture is critical. DELTA®-MS is a dimpled membrane that uses our exclusive Air-gap Technology to ensure your basements stay dry and last longer.

  • Dimpled membrane made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • A co-extruded product – 60% recycled HDPE and 40% virgin HDPE

  • Virgin HDPE outside layer and recycled HDPE core make it the most durable dimpled membrane on the market

  • Vacuum-formed dimpled pattern allows incidental water to flow into footing drain

  • Available in many sizes for easy installation on various foundation heights

Delta Borcher 


WATCHDOG® H3 now provides up to 3x more hydrostatic head pressure resistance than other polymer modified asphalt emulsions.


  • Get reliable, high-performing foundation protection to meet your exact needs.

  • WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING seals out water penetration with a flexible, seamless membrane. It's backed by a 10-year transferable performance warranty.

  • The membrane is 40 mils thick when cured – at least four times thicker than a typical dampproofing application.

Watch Dog H3 Borcher 

              Damp Proofing


Take dampproofing a step further with PolyPro Dampproofing. It’s an asphalt emulsion with polymer added, designed for spray-application to the below-ground exterior of new residential foundations.

  • Spray-applied for consistent coverage. PolyPro Dampproofing™ is smoothly spray-applied – avoiding the time-consuming and inconsistent application that comes from brushing or rolling. Spray application fills pores in the substrate, improving the bond with the foundation wall.

  • Select contractors can install PolyPro Dampproofing in one hour or less on typical foundations, helping keep jobs on schedule.

Damp Proofing Borcher
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